A Finnish company established in 2008.

Our business idea is to sell and manufacture flexible packaging materials primaly to the food industry.

Our operations are based on the requirements of our customers. These are quality of product, efficiency of delivery and quality of service.

Our speciality is high-end printing combined with the most modern packaging materials and solutions.

Modern machinery and our committed staff guarantee the quality of our service at all stages of the supply chain.


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Westpak grows its productportfolio with WestECO films using renewable rawmaterials

Westpak is growing the productportfolio with films made of RENEWABLE RAWMATERIALS. The WestECO range covers top- and bottomwebs as well as flowpackfilms. The functionality and quality of the new films are on the same high level as our films made of traditional rawmaterials. The WestECO films use Green PE made of sugar cane as rawmaterial. Read More

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Westpak invests in a HP Indigo 20000 digital press

Säkylä, Finland, April 24, 2018 – Westpak Oy Ab has recently purchased an HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press which will be fully installed by end of June this year. Westpak plans to grow its business and add new customers to its roster by offering more flexibility and opportunities with short runs variable printing. As part Read More

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Transparency, Cooperation and Responsibility.

Our values


Transparency means that information on the company is open and honest . At the same time, it means that everyone gets to express their own opinions, and all opinions are also valued .


Cooperation means that we always strive to help each other for better work performance. We share our Information and know-how openly, so that the overall performance fulfills its purpose as well as possible.


Responsibility means that each one of us has our own area of ​​responsibility and the necessary powers to conduct our work . This is based on the assumption that everyone wants to be responsible for the outcome of their work and take pride in their skills .



We manufacture flexible packaging materials mainly for the food industry. The materials are either printed or unprinted for most kind of reelfed packaging solutions. The performance is tailormade for sealing-, barrier-, mechanical- and design properties according to each customer’s needs. Other properties such as peel, recloseability, antifog, cooking, sterilization and special printing effects are possible in our products.

Different kind of opening solutions can also be made with laser-scoring.

Quality & Environment

Quality & Environment

Our experience tells us that quality only exist when all the production elements function together.
This is why we have invested particularly in the prepress activities. With the same uncompromising
professionalism we also provide lamination and other finishing work. Our operations
is guided by the BRC-IoP certified quality system.

Overall management of production processes is a prerequisite for good environmental work.

We recognize that our operations have an impact on the environment. The starting point is that we
minimize the environmental impact by use of modern technology and optimized packaging solutions.

Well-planned packaging combined with the choice of optimum raw materials results in packaging that
protects the product sufficiently. A good packaging reduces unnecessary food-spill.

We offer our customers the possibility to use films made of renewable resources. By raising the
renewable content in our products, we can lower the overall carbon footprint of products converted
by us. On longer term we aim to offer products with a renewable content of 100%,
as the technology and raw materials develop.

We utilize the excess energy generated in our process effectively and invest further to become
totally self-sufficient in heatenenergy.

High Resolution Printing®

High Resolution Printing®

quarantees the best possible image on your packaging.


It represents a true alternative to traditional rotogravure printing. Using the same technology traditional flexo printed images can also be produced.

Top Quality

This ultra-modern printing technology allows us to offer top quality to customers with highest demands. Our printing technology can’t be equated with traditional flexography results.

Development results

WestPak HRP® is not only a result of one or two innovation, but rather the result of a long development process. Only when all aspects of printing and interactions between them are under control we are able to achieve an excellent result .

Choose WESTPAK HRP® when you want to stand out in the crowd!



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phone: +358 20 7551120
fax: +358 20 7551129

Jonas Skuthälla

Managing Director
mob: +358 40 584 2243

Joonas Sinkkonen

Production Manager
+35844 2923488

Arto Musakka

Sales Manager
phone: +358 20 755 1123
mob: +358 40 481 4006

Jere Virén

Sales Manager
mob: +358 40 078 2935

Ville Riitahaara

Prepress Manager
mob: +358 40 162 0343

Vesa Mäkilä

+358 50 436 1200

Printing materials:

Ilkka Repo

Head of Logistics
phone: +358 20 755 1125
mob: +358 400 592 385

Per Rosenqvist

+46 70 321 18 40


+358 040 480 2844


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